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The purpose of the GVA Facilities portal is to provide information to residents, occupiers and tenants of Office 3, on the property management services provided for the benefit of all & to ensure that the interests of all parties are met.

   Typical Dimensions:

  • No of storeys: Ground plus 9
  • No of basement car parking spaces: 15
  • Primary structural grid: 15.0m x 9.0m
  • Planning grid: 1500mm                                                  
  • Finished floor to finished ceiling (offices): 2750mm
  • Raised floor: 150mm to finished floor off structural slab (including floor build up)

  Loading Criteria

Imposed Loads:

  • Roof maintenance access only: 5kN/m²
  • Roof terrace:                         5kN/m2
  • Basement:                         5kN/m²

In other areas the loadings are designed to suit the plant requirements.

  • Ground Office Unit Areas:                         10kN/m²
  • Office areas (office + partitions)                                                                  3.5 + 1.0 kN/m²
  • Office areas (file storage areas)                                                                  7.5kN/m² (5% of NIA in designated areas)
  • Circulation Spaces and staircases typically:                          4.0kN/m²
  • Basement Car Parking:                                                                                             2.5kN/m²

Dead Loads:

The weight of construction materials have been determined in accordance with BS 648 “weights of building materials”.

   Occupancy Criteria

The following criteria are measured against net internal floor areas:

Sanitary accommodation

Sanitary accommodation is provided at a density of 1 person per 8m² at 50% male and 50% female split.  Disabled toilet facilities are provided at each floor.  Male, Female and Disabled WC and shower facilities are provided within the Basement.

Means of escape

Means of escape occupancy is based on 1 person per 6.0m² for office areas.  All stairs have been designed for the use of ambulant disabled.


The design enables flexibility for one major tenant, occupation floor by floor or multiple lets per floor.

   Floor Area Schedule

Approximate net lettable floor areas per floor:

Ground (Ground floor office space)                                 397.5 sq.m (4278.6 sq.ft)

First – Ninth (Typical Office Floor Plate)                744.0 sq.m (8008.3 sq.ft)

Tenth (Plant)   

Basement parking 15 spaces

    Internal Noise Levels

Offices: NR 38

Reception/ Circulation Spaces: NR 40

Toilets: NR45

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