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The purpose of the GVA Facilities portal is to provide information to residents, occupiers and tenants of Office 3, on the property management services provided for the benefit of all & to ensure that the interests of all parties are met.

Accident & Injury


In the event of accident/injury the location and nature of any emergencies should be reported to:

Facilities Manager:          TBC

Reception:                      TBC

Tenants are responsible for providing first aid equipment and trained personnel for the demised premises.

It is essential for the well-being and safety of all occupants of the building that safe working practices are adhered to at all times.  If unsafe practices come to the attention of any tenant they should notify the Facilities Manager without delay.  Similarly it is expected that where a tenant is notified of any works which contravene the Health & Safety legislation prompt steps will be taken to rectify the matter.  A point of particular concern is the blockage of Fire Escape routes via the staircases.  Even “temporary” setting down of material, trolleys, etc. must be avoided.

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