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The purpose of the GVA Facilities portal is to provide information to residents, occupiers and tenants of Office 3, on the property management services provided for the benefit of all & to ensure that the interests of all parties are met.



Primary circulation is via the 3 no. lifts provided within the central core:

Passenger Lift A:                                                                 Serves Ground – Level 09

Passenger/ Goods Lift B:                                         Serves Basement – Level 09

Passenger/ Fire Fighting Lift C:                   Serves Basement – Level 09

All lifts are operated via a destination control system to maximise their efficiency and reduce overall journey time.

Lift B is the designated goods lift, equipped with hooks allowing protective drapes to be suspended within the lift car whenever there is a need to transport office furniture, building materials and the like to a particular floor.  Lift C is a Fire Fighting lift with additional designated controls within the Ground Floor reception.

All lift systems are monitored remotely via a telephone link enabling a prompt response to all emergency alarms.

The control, maintenance and repair of the lifts is covered by a maintenance agreement.

The lifts are regularly serviced and GVA will, where possible, give 48 hours notice of likely significant curtailment or disruption of any lift service (breakdown and emergency work excepted).

All lifts are comprehensively maintained via GVA.

Under no circumstances should lift car doors be wedged open.

Lift Performance

The performance of the lift system is based upon a three car group operating under destination control.

The population of the building, for the purposes of Lift Traffic Analysis, is based upon an occupancy density of 12m2 per person and with occupants evenly distributed throughout the building.

Each lift car has a Contract Capacity of 13 persons and run at a Contract Speed of at least 2.0 metres/sec.

The Up-Peak Handing Capacity of the lift system is approximately 15% of the building population.  The Average Waiting Time of the lift system at the main entrance is approximately 29.4 seconds and the Average Time to Destination is approximately 75 seconds.  These times are within those recommended by the BCO Guide for lift systems with destination control.

The destination control system features touchscreen keypads wall mounted in the main reception area listing the names of the firms within the building.  Each arrivee, selects his or her destination and is guided to the lift that is to serve the appropriate destination floor.

Lift Machinery

All the lifts in the Central Core are have winding motors within the shaft.  Landing doors are centre opening with 900 mm wide doors and with advanced opening.  The fire-fighting lift has an associated telephone system and standby power supplies. Ramps are accommodated within the fire-fighting lift door openings to the Upper Levels to avoid the fire-fighting lift being flooded in the event of a fire.

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