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Illumination levels are designed to be within the BCO 2009 recommended range for interior lighting for work usually carried out on a computer screen and on an open plan basis.  The tenant may need to modify or supplement the lighting to suit any partitioning and in particular areas where paper based tasks are carried out.

Average service illuminance should be in the range of 350 - 450 lux.

Luminaires are of the recessed modular type with diffusers to provide the appropriate levels of uniform illumination over the working plane.  Light sources are of the low energy type.  The office lighting system includes dimmable controls in zones equating to approximately 40m2 of nett floor area to provide user comfort and daylight energy saving.

The lighting system is controlled by a hand held programmer (one such programmer is provided per floor). The hand held devices are able to adjust daylight set points. Dimming is adjustable throughout each floor plate, including internal zones as well as perimeter zones. 

Basement Car Park

The car park is illuminated to an average level of 150 lux throughout including the entry/exit lanes and driveway.  Lighting is provided by linear fluorescent luminaires and operated by sensors.

Other Areas

Illumination levels are generally based on C.I.B.S.E. Guidelines.  In the reception and the toilet cores, the lighting design is tailored to complement the visual appearance rather than adhering strictly to engineering guidelines.

The average ‘functional’ lighting levels to the following areas are approximately:

  • Entrance Area 200 lux
  • Stairs 150 lux
  • Lavatories 200 lux
  • Switchrooms 300 lux
  • Plantrooms 150 lux
  • Corridors 150 lux

Emergency Lighting is designed to meet the requirements of B.S.5266.

External Lighting is designed to satisfy architectural considerations.

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