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The purpose of the GVA Facilities portal is to provide information to residents, occupiers and tenants of Office 3, on the property management services provided for the benefit of all & to ensure that the interests of all parties are met.

Office 3 was designed using BCO guidelines as a reference point. It comprises 10 office floors developed on a standard 1.5m planning grid, serviced from an offset core containing 3 passenger lifts, one of which is a fire fighting lift, fire escape stairs and male, female and disabled WC's. All of these facilities are accessed from the main lift lobby. Ground floor offices are also accessed from the main entrance reception, with the flexibility for tenants to incorporate separate external entrances, if required.

The upper level office floors sit over a generous height entrance foyer and additional ground floor office provision with dedicated basement parking below. Servicing for the building is via Arundel Gate.

The general office areas provide a clear dimension from top of raised floor to underside of suspended ceiling of 2.75m. Office Unit 1 has a clear dimension of 4.32m while Office Unit 2 is 3.14m.

Floors 1-9 are served by three lifts, one of which is a fire fighting lift and two staircases, an escape stair and fire-fighting stair. The core is centralised with multiple entrance points into the office tenancy.  General amenities including male and female toilets / filtered water point / cleaners cupboard are situated towards the north elevation, thus forming a u-shaped office floor plate. The proposed structural arrangement, in conjunction with the core position, generates a vast column free office floor plate maximising the flexibility for future sub-tenancy division.  An accessible toilet is accommodated on each level for disabled personnel.  The layout of the toilet is handed on each floor to better accommodate differing abilities.

Plant is split between the basement and the roof, where it is set behind parapet walls to minimise its visual impact on the building. Where plant has been positioned, louvres are used to screen machinery whilst also allow for future expansion/alteration.


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