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The purpose of the GVA Facilities portal is to provide information to residents, occupiers and tenants of Office 3, on the property management services provided for the benefit of all & to ensure that the interests of all parties are met.


Routine deliveries maybe made during normal working hours without prior arrangements, unless of course there are oversized vehicles delivering them or if it is going to take up the use of the goods lift for a long period of time.  In this case the delivery should be booked through the Facilities Manager to ensure that security are aware of the delivery and to ensure that all access arrangements are in place.

Any delivery should be supervised by the tenant or the tenant’s representative, but these deliveries must be by liaison with the Facilities Manager.  Such works will need to be agreed and a schedule of condition may need to be prepared so that disputes as to who caused damage are avoided.

Courier Deliveries

Courier deliveries during office hours are only permitted via routes previously agreed by Facilities Manager.  Please be advised that all couriers will be required to remove their crash helmets.

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