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The purpose of the GVA Facilities portal is to provide information to residents, occupiers and tenants of Office 3, on the property management services provided for the benefit of all & to ensure that the interests of all parties are met.

  • All works will be carried out in accordance with the drawings and specifications submitted to and approved by the landlords agent, who reserve the right of inspection, to ensure that the works are being carried out in accordance with the approval, and to the highest standards

  • The works will be carried out in accordance with all requirements of the Local or other interested Statutory Authorities, and their execution will comply in all respects with current legislation relating to Health and Safety at Work, and CDM Regulations

  • The Tenant is required to inform the landlords agent in writing fourteen days prior to the commencement of the work, confirming a detailed programme outlining the implementation of works, and the completion date. The Tenant’s representative will be required to visit the site seven days before work commences, and discuss all details of the project with a representative of the landlords agent

  • The Tenant will comply with all requirements of the landlords agent with respect to the mode of carrying out the works, in order to minimise disruption to other fitting-out works being undertaken concurrently, or disruption to other Tenants

  • All works, contractors’ plant, materials and rubbish shall be confined to the area of the tenant’s demise. Should this stipulation not be observed, then the landlords agent at its sole discretion may remove materials or works from outside the demised area, without any liability for damages or loss, and the Tenant shall reimburse the cost of such removal on demand

  • Under no circumstances may tenants permit fit-out contractors, or any other firms working upon their premises, to deposit or mix building materials, or the like, on roads, car park, stairs or pedestrian walkways

  • The Tenant or his representative must agree on site with the landlords agent any existing damage, including blocked drains or damaged finishes, in the demised area and the approved access routes, prior to the start of work on site

  • A detailed photographic condition survey must be prepared and agreed with the landlords agent before commencement of the works

  • Water and electricity supplies required by the Tenant for the implementation of the building works should be provided and paid for by the Tenant from their own supplies

  • All materials, water and other liquids must be adequately controlled. The Tenant will be responsible for any damage within or outside their unit, resulting from non-compliance

  • Access routes and points to be used by Tenants during fitting out works will be determined by the landlords agent at the time of possession, and the Tenant will be responsible for adequately protecting these and for any damage resulting from their fit-out works

  • All access will be via a route previously agreed with the buildings management team

  • The Tenant should maintain suitable temporary fire fighting equipment during fitting-out, and the landlords agent will have the right to inspect and check this equipment. The burning of rubbish within or around the development is not permitted

  • The Tenant is totally responsible for the activities of their contractors and suppliers within the development

  • The permitted hours for working for tenant’s contractors are 08.00am to 18.00pm, unless otherwise agreed

  • Delivery times may also be limited

  • The security of each demise is the responsibility of the Tenant and not the Landlord
  • The Tenant should ensure that a competent person is present on site in charge of the works at all times, and that an out of hours and holiday contact is agreed

  • The Tenant will be responsible for ensuring that all materials used are compatible with the existing structure

  • All Landlord’s services passing through the tenant’s demise may not be tampered with in any way, and all fitting out works must, where appropriate, include protection for the services and facilitate ready access to them. Likewise, Tenants shall not be permitted to alter any part of the existing floors, walls, or the underside of the above

  • Noisy work will be limited to the agreed times to be agreed with the buildings management team. the landlords agent reserve the right to terminate all noisy operations which are affecting other use of the building

  • The Tenant will carry out at their cost, an audibility test on completion of the works

  • All works in-connection with the BMS controls will be carried out using the Landlord’s contractors

  • Tenants and their fit-out contractors are advised that, as a result of normal building shrinkage and/or movement, there is a likelihood of cracks occurring. Due allowance should be made, when applying any coating or other finish to such surfaces so as to prevent such cracking from damaging or affecting the finishes in any way. Similar prevention measures should be taken to avoid damage to the finishes resulting from movement in expansion joints in the structure

  • Where walls or partitions erected by the tenant as part of fitting-out works abut any structural element of the building (including the underside of the roof deck), care should be taken to incorporate a compressible joint at such junction, to avoid damage occurring as a result of structural or thermal movement

  • All internal partitions erected by the tenant as part of fitting-out works should be constructed in accordance with floor loading capacity, the relevant codes of practice and any recommendations made by the manufacturers of the materials employed
Tenants’ fitting-out contractors must have and produce to the landlords agent the following minimum insurances before commencing on site;
  • Public Liability as requested by the landlord in respect of any one accident – unlimited on the aggregate

  • Employers Liability – unlimited cover

  • Contractor’s All Risk as requested by te landlord n respect of any one accident

  • Tenants would be well advised to ensure that these policies have the general principal inclusion clause, as this will protect the Tenant against claims through his contractor. The Landlord may insist on the tenant and/or their contractor providing further insurances as required

  • Tenants must ensure that penetrations formed through fire rated walls or floors are fully fire stopped, fitted with fire dampers where required, and fully reinstated to maintain the integrity of the fire separations. This will be rigorously enforced.

  • In the event that any hot works are to be executed, whether in the floor plate or communal areas, a Hot Works Permit must be obtained from the buildings management team

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