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The purpose of the GVA Facilities portal is to provide information to residents, occupiers and tenants of Office 3, on the property management services provided for the benefit of all & to ensure that the interests of all parties are met.

Water Services

There is a single incoming mains water supply for all the office accommodation.  Potable water is stored in a tank at Basement level.  Water from the tank is pumped by an adjacent water booster set to serve the whole office building.

Hot water is provided by unvented hot water vessels in the basement and is distributed to all hot water draw off points.  The pipework associated with the hot water system is insulated and trace heated so that the operating temperature of the system is sufficiently high to reduce the risk of Legionnaires disease.  Blending valves, close to draw off points, are installed to prevent scalding.

There is a facility for a drainage connection and a boosted cold water service connection at two positions on each floor.  The two connections are located on the ‘office side’ of the male and female toilet accommodation respectively.

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