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The purpose of the GVA Facilities portal is to provide information to residents, occupiers and tenants of Office 3, on the property management services provided for the benefit of all & to ensure that the interests of all parties are met.

Electrical Engineering Services were designed generally to the latest Edition of the I.E.E. Wiring Regulations, to C.I.B.S.E. Guidelines and to British Standards.

Power Distribution

Low Voltage Switchgear

Low voltage switchgear is provided by switchboards which supply distribution boards and control panels throughout the building.  The main L.V. (400 volt) switchboard for the building is in a dedicated switchroom next to the substation at basement level.

Low Voltage Distribution

Lighting and small power distribution boards are provided in two locations per floor.  There are also distribution boards for the power and lighting in the cores and common areas of the building, but not on every floor.  The electricity consumption of all individual tenants’ distribution boards is metered and monitored by the building’s Building Management System with lighting and power being in Landlord’s areas only.

Power to plant (fans, pumps, etc.) is routed via Control Panels in the respective plantrooms.

Small Power

Small power systems are provided in the cores and the common areas of the building only.  Underfloor wiring, power and data systems, floor boxes, etc., are to be provided and installed by the tenants as part of their fit-out works.  Cleaners’ sockets are provided in Landlord’s areas only.

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