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Fire Alarm System - Sprinkler System

The different aspects of the building are equipped with automatic fire detection in line with current legislation.

Automatic Sprinklers

The building is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system, designed and installed to the recommendations of BS EN 12845:2004 and to the requirements of the Building Regulations.  The Hazard Classification of the system serving the office accommodation is Ordinary Hazard 1 (OH1). The ceiling voids throughout the building, though greater than 800mm in depth, will not be sprinkler protected.

Water supplies to service the office sprinkler installation are located at roof level and comprise two storage tanks feeding a pair of fire pumps and a control valve.

A separate sprinkler installation is installed in the basement car park.  This system is designed to an Ordinary Hazard 2 (OH2) classification and water supplies are provided by way of a direct connection to the town’s water main.

Dry Riser


  •  Is equipped with a Dry Riser - This means that a fire fighting truck will supply water as required by way of a tap in point located externally at ground floor level.
  • A dry riser is provided in the fire-fighting shaft adjacent to the lift shafts.

Fire Extinguishers
  • Are located for use in line with the fire buildings strategy.
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